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Giving Back

JC Rivera and The Bear Champ Inc. host various programs and partnerships dedicated to giving back to the community. The Bear Champ's emblem, "Rolling with the Punches," symbolizes resilience and triumph over adversity, resonating with communities worldwide. JC Rivera's philanthropic efforts align with this ethos, emphasizing community upliftment and support for individuals and small businesses.

As of now, JC Rivera and The Bear Champ Inc. do not offer artwork donations, aiming to maintain the value for current collectors. Instead, we have developed a range of alternative programs to assist organizations seeking to collaborate with JC Rivera and The Bear Champ in their growth journey.


Non-Profit Discounts

The Bear Champ Inc. presently offers discounts ranging from 25% to 50% on murals and commercial digital print acquisitions, subject to availability. These discounts are typically applied to unique pieces to maintain the value for existing collectors. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for additional information.

Proceeds Programs

While the organization doesn't offer art donations, it is indeed possible to make fine art available for sale at your event, function, or through your website. The proceeds from these sales can be directed towards supporting your organization's cause. Please reach out to us to explore this opportunity further.

Works on Loan

The organization currently offers five collections available for loan to museums or non-profit organizations, subject to availability. These collections consist of:

  • Knock Out: A collection of painted gloves featuring distinctive characters and boxing-related quotes.

  • Raw: A collection of mixed media on paper, conceptualized in 2023 and representing the artist's latest work.

  • The Champ: A collection showcasing unique perspectives of The Bear Champ, featuring a blend of framed mixed media fine art.

  • Legends: This collection celebrates famous artists and characters deconstructed in JC Rivera's personal style. 

  • The Artist's Private Collection: This collection comprises pieces amassed over the past decade.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details. For-profit organizations may also inquire about borrowing these artworks for a fee.

Unique Works

1-2 times a year, JC Rivera crafts artwork for specific non-profit organizations, completely free of charge. These projects often involve substantial endeavors, potentially backed by grants, encompassing tasks such as mural creation, branding for significant events like marathons or galas, merchandise design, and more. Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

Artist Education

JC places a special focus on supporting other artists as part of how he engages within the community. JC is happy to consider speaking programs (typically fireside chats or Q&As) and board appointments that focus on artist support and education. 

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